Terms and Conditions 

Legal notice: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to start of work payment is due no later than 48 hours after completion of work and receipt of invoice. Please pay promptly. 

Disclaimer notice: Work to be done as specified, in a professional manner, to normally accepted industry standards. Not responsible for acts of god, unavailable materials, work stoppages, riots, mischief, or thefts; which are outside of the contractors control. Mould/fungus is a naturally occurring organism that we as decorators have no control over; the decorator will not be liable for recurrence/growth of any form or type of mould/fungi. 

Access to the job site:  Customer agrees and understands that access to the jobsite must be provided between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m, Monday through Friday, for the duration of this job. If at any time access is not available to the decorator for any reason, the customer agrees to reimburse the decorator for expenses incurred for travel and lost time at the rate of £25  per man-hour, and £0.25p  per mile per vehicle. 

Customer responsibilities:  Customer will assume responsibility to remove from any and all work areas, all household and  personal items (with the exception of large furniture such as sofas and beds), and store those items away from the work area during the duration of the job. Decorator will not be held liable for damage to any items not removed from the work area. Any and all items remaining in the work area will be moved by the contractor, and the customer agrees to pay the contractor a charge of £25 per man-hour for moving these items. Contractor will move large furniture at no cost to the owner (unless specified otherwise). Decorator will not be held liable for any damage caused by moving any items. 

Allergies: It is the customers responsibility to make us aware of any allergies/ asthma prior to start of work. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions to paint fumes/dust but if made aware will do our best to limit dust and fumes where possible.

Extra costs/change orders:  Additional work performed will be at an extra charge, above the total price stated within the scope of the original quotation. Additional work to be approved by customer prior to commencing. 

Promotion/advertising:  The customer authorises the contractor to display a sign for the duration of the job, and to use photographs taken at the jobsite for display, promotion, and advertising, without compensation to the customer. This section will be void if not allowed by covenants or restrictions. 

Inspection of completed work:  Upon substantial completion of work, the customer agrees to conduct an inspection of the work with the decorator. All defects and uncompleted items should be noted at this time. The inspection must occur under normal lighting conditions, without magnification, and from a normal viewing position, in accordance with the industry standards. In the event that this is not possible (customer not available at the time) then all defects and uncompleted items must be reported within 48 hours of completion.